GCBF and Auburn Library “Where Magic Comes Alive”

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At the third annual Gold Country Book Festival the Community Story booth was near the library entrance. Visitors were encouraged to stop and write their favorite library story on the theme “Where Magic Comes Alive.” Here are those stories.

I’ll always remember going to the library. I loved getting new books to read. One of my personal favorites was “Tunnels.” I remember how excited I was to read this great book from the library.

When I was in the fifth grade, I had a field trip to the Auburn Library. Although it wasn’t necessary, you could get a library card to check out two books. Since I didn’t have one yet, I took an application and filled it out, then I turned in the application. I got the card the day before the field trip. I was enthusiastic about it and have used it to this day. By Lucas Suter, 7th grade Bowman School

When we first moved to Auburn, my Mom took me to the Auburn Library that was housed at DeWitt in the Quonset huts at that time. I remember feeling like the children’s section was magical. We were able to choose books to look at there and then were able to check books out to bring home in little canvas bags. Later on after the “new” library was built on Nevada Street, we continued to use the library and again feel the magic that was in the children’s area. By Michelle Young

My favorite memories of the library are facilitating writing classes for teens and young adults and meeting so many new people. Watching teens grow to treat the library like home has been pretty awesome as well.

When I used to come to the library on Saturday mornings the lady would read stories to small children. My favorite was “Green eggs and Ham. I just liked how the main character didn’t want to try green eggs and ham, but then after he did he loved it. By J.P. Suter, 4th grade

When I go to the library my favorite thing to do is attend the Auburn Hip Hop Congress writing class and having new topics to discuss with new people! It has such a wide range of topics that each can relate in some way! My favorite class so far has been the vision maps where we mapped out what we wanted for our lives and I loved it! I also go to the library to have a quiet place to get my homework done, even though it is not as fun as the writing class.

My first memory of a library was in Newcastle. I was four years old. I loved getting to go through the books with my Mom and sister. In later years my Mom told me that I wanted to read all of the books in the library! Ruby Duvall Evers

Many years ago, as a student at Placer High, I found the Auburn Library to be a place where I could go and get help with my homework. In addition to being able to get homework assistance I discovered the used book sales. Since I only had limited income I was thrilled to find the used book sales where I was able to purchase books for my own personal library. Now, as a parent, I am thrilled to know that the used book sales are still happening and I am able to take my children to the library and the used book sale to experience what I found as a student many years ago. The magic lives on!

Authors, Writers, Readers Plus Entertainment

Friends of Auburn Library and the Gold Country Writers, the literary affiliate of PlacerArts, will co-sponsor the third annual Gold Country Book Festival from 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at the Auburn Library, 350 Nevada Street, Auburn, CA 95603.


Local authors display at the Auburn Library

Local authors display at the Auburn Library

10 am-12 pm Beecher Room: Young Writers’ Workshop
g Nico Tocchini, a 15 year-old, will tell about his inspiring journey to becoming a published author at age 13. Ingrid Lundquist and Christina Richter, authors and professional speakers, give tips and techniques on “Where to Start.” Jerri Chase Ferris, an award winning Young Adult author, will provide feedback to the young aspiring authors. All are invited to attend.

12 pm-1 pm Quiet Room: Authors’ Discussion Panel
Four published authors will discuss “What It’s Like to be a Writer” covering their writing processes, how they got started, what motivates them and thoughts about publication. The authors speaking are Elaine Faber, Scott Evans, L.F. Crawford and George L. Johnston. The panel moderator is June Gillam, an author and officer of Gold Country Writers.

1 pm-2 pm Beecher Room: E-book workshop
Senior librarian of Auburn Library, Terri Pilate, will lead a class on “E-books: Your Library on the Go.” Bring in your e-reader (Kindle, Nook, or I Pad), a Placer County Library card, and your PIN number to learn how to use the Placer County e-book services to borrow books. The card and PIN can be obtained before the program at the library circulation desk.


Chat with 35 local authors signing and selling their books in the library garden.

The Children’s Book Corner has storytelling, crafts and The Little Free Library where children can
borrow a book.

Watch for the Hip Hop Congress performing their original writings in bursts throughout the afternoon.

Look for the Community Story booth near the library entrance pad where visitors write their favorite library story “Where Magic Comes Alive.” Read it online next week at goldcountrybookfestival.com

Stop at the Welcome Table to talk to representatives of Friends of Auburn Library and Gold Country Writers. Pick up an application to join!

Check in with PALS for information on volunteering to help an adult learn to read.

Meet 35 local Northern California authors. Stop by their booths for a chat and view their work. Authors will sign and sell their published work from 10 am to 2 pm. Books make great presents!
Mary Lou Edson Anderson Suzanne Blaney Joanne Butterfield
Anthony Barcellos Meredith Cherry Jo Chandler Irene Douglass
L. F. Crawford Rosemary Dukelow Mary Ellen Dempsey Bill George
Scott Evans Kristin Hilton Elaine Faber Robert L. Litchfield, Jr.
June Gillam George L. Johnston Linda LoBue
Phyllis Kalbach Ingrid Lundquist Jack L. Parker Rodi Lee & Mike Lynch Stuart Rawlings Eric Peach
Charles Vrooman Mary Jane Popp & June DiMaggio
Christina Richter Marsha A. Ross Andrea Roth Susan Rushton Rev. Dr. Betsy Schwarzentraub Janet Ann Collins Art Sommers
Jerri Chase Ferris Stan Zabaka Hazuki Katoaka Kevin Kurtz
Marsha Ross Nico Tocchini

Friends of Auburn Library (FOL) are dedicated supporters of the Auburn Library. They work to focus public attention on library services, facilities and needs and to provide community enrichment programs.
Visit folauburn.org for information about their upcoming programs. Join today!

Gold Country Writers (GCW) is the literary affiliate of PlacerArts, the Arts Council of Placer County. The mission of Gold Country Writers is to offer education, support, resources, promotion and networking opportunities to local authors and writers.
Visit goldcountrywriters.com for information about their weekly meetings. Join today!

The Gold Country Book Festival is a non-profit event for the community’s enjoyment and enrichment.

Volunteers Lean on Each Other

    Chery and Jane 214Some things go together like pen and paper, beginning and end and library and books. Two local organizations are joining efforts to sponsor a book festival in the garden of the Auburn Library. The first question is ”What took so long?” The Friends of Auburn Library and The Gold Country Writers go together like peanut butter and jelly. Not a necessity but definitely makes life sweeter.

MAY 17, 2014

With the theme “Authors, Writers, Readers” the third annual Gold Country Book Festival is slated for May 17, 2014. Thirty-five local authors will sign and sell their published work to the public from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Auburn Library, 350 Nevada Street in Auburn, California.

President of the Gold Country Writers, Chery Anderson, is serving as co-chairman of the Book Festival along with Linda LoBue. “Many of our members are published authors and will be displaying and selling their books. They are always happy to talk to new writers about the process of writing and being published. The Book Festival is an opportunity to talk to those who have ‘been there, done that’ and survived!”


The young Writers’ Workshop is scheduled from 10 am to noon in the Beecher Room. It is aimed at the 5th to 8th grader who is working on a book manuscript and looking for the next step toward getting published. The registrants will receive information on developing characters, plots, and book publishing.

Jane Mispley, a 36 year veteran of the Auburn Library staff, is serving as president of the Friends of Auburn Library this year. “We started the Book Festival three years ago as an event to highlight our local authors and to be a free community event.” She added that she is pleased to see the growth each year.


The Friends of Auburn Library are dedicated supporters of the library providing funds to programing for all ages from summer reading, teen programs, and community enrichment events. Their mission is to focus public attention on library services, facilities and needs.


The Gold Country Writers, the literary arm of Placer Arts, meets in The Arts Building, 808 Lincoln Way, Auburn each Wednesday from 10 am to noon.  “The most popular meeting is the Speaker Series on the third Wednesday,” President Chery Anderson said. “We have had some wonderful speakers talking about subjects of interest to writers like marketing, writing memoirs, contracts and understanding poetry.” She mentioned the meetings are free and open to the public.

“Be sure to stop by our Gold Country Writers booth at the Book Festival,” she added. “We are co-sponsors of the event and just maybe we’ll be serving peanut and jelly cookies.”